So you bought a new PC. Now What?

If you purchased a performance configuration from Expert Computer Services, your installation is free. Congratulations on owning an inspiring piece of technology.

Professional on-site installation can make a world of difference, even if you are not a first timer.
As part of the installation package you can have printers, scanners, cameras and most other peripherals set up and installed.

Software can be even trickier to setup properly. Expert Computer Services can install and configure almost any software for you, and resolve the vast majority of conflicts that may arise in the process.

If you are getting an internet connection for the first time, Expert Computer Services will install the necessary software to protect you online, get you connected to your ISP (Internet Service Provider), and even setup email accounts for you.

To help you secure your computer on the internet we offer the following services

  • Installation and configuration of antivirus software
  • Configuration of software and hardware firewall
  • Tightening of default OS network setting

Networking Services

If you need information to be stored in a central area, accessible by some or all computers in your location, a network is what you need.