Wireless Router Quick setup

Configuring a wireless router does not have to be a complicated task. A basic configuration is all you need in most cases.
You dont even need to know anything about networking.

Most routers will come with instructions to perform a basic configuration.
Here are the crucial bits of information you need to make this task eisier with Blink and Flow internet services in Trinidad and Tobago.

If you have Blink internet service you should make sure the network address (or IP address)on your wireless router is something other than because this is likely the same address on the Blink box.
Cisco routers often use also.
Having the same address on both boxes is a bad thing.
Make sure the third number is something other than 1.
For example or will work fine.

Flow boxes do not use so no problem there.
However Flow boxes usually assign only one address at a time, so when you connext your wireless router to it you will need to unplug your Flow box for it to reset, then plug it back in so it will recognize the new device.

Once you have connected everything as per your Router’s instructions you should now be able to access the internet.